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Thursday, March 3rd, 2005
11:22 am - Hello new millenium...

Update: Still not dead.

Had a birthday on Feb 27. Unsure how I feel about this. (although Ginger and Ted threw an amazing shindig and I looooove them for it)

Will start classes for nursing on April 4.

And in big news: I've finally broken down, yup... I am going to buy a laptop...
I figured that since I am going back to school and all that now is the time to reluctantly join the tecnology movement. Thinking about getting it with my next "yup this is under the table thank you Mr IRS man" paycheck around March 20th (to give you salavating suplicants a time frame)

So, since my status as a techno-tard is well documented and I honestly have no idea what I should be looking for in a computer and am reluctant to thow my self upon the mercey of the commission based hacks at Best Buy; any of you have ideas/advice about laptop purchasing? I'd like to keep in under/arround a thousand and my only requirements (I think) are that I need to be able to use MS Word, the internet (so I can attempt to maintain contact with you lovly individuals), play DVDS/CDS and have decent memory (whatever that means)... So yeah, any advice/tips/flash cards/tutering sessions would be welcome and greatly appreciatd.

Hope this finds you all well and happy and thanks in advance for any help/advice.

current mood: confused

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Thursday, January 13th, 2005
1:00 pm - *knock knock* Is this thing on?
So I'm alive... Sorry I dropped off the face of the earth but between my uncles unexpected sickness and death, the funeral in New Jersey, dealing with family, holidays, and being unemployed I haven't exactly had time to find a computer and play for a bit. I apologize.
Spent most of December with the family (never under estimate the staggering drawing power of the Garden State) settling my uncles affairs and just sort of pondering what in the sweet holy hell I was going to do with my life... Got back to Seattle and I am currently enrolling in Nursing School. *wheeee* I am going to now get paid better for all the shit I had to deal with at my last job. Basically since I am still on unemployment the state/federal government is going to pay (entirerly, the whole thing, no really...) for me to go to Nursing School... Geee, and I used to wonder why we had a national debt, oh well... So yeah, I am still in Seattle and I will start classes in the Spring (first weeek of April I believe) at Seattle Central Community collage's nursing program. I am also working as a caregiver for Ginger's Mom, so that is paying the bills and keeping me from going more crazy then I normally am... Updates will be sporadic at best and the best way to reach me is by far the cell phone but I will be making an effort to get online and keep in tune with goings on untill such time as I have my own computer at home... no really I promise I am gong to try... damnit... Hope this finds you all healthy and as happy as can be... *cuddle, snuggle, furtive ass smack* I missed you. *wink*

current mood: determined

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Thursday, December 9th, 2004
6:30 pm - Hello rock bottom, sorry I hit you....
I got laid off yesterday. Yup I am now a member of the unemployed for the first time since I was fifteen. Seriously I have no idea what I am going to do. I filed for unemployment and I am going down to check out the "job center" they have tomorrow and I'm not worried about starving or losing my apartment or anything that dramatic...For the first time in my life there isn't a path laid out for me. Wierd. I just don't really know what to do with myself. Do I want to go back to school? Do I want to start another job as soon as possible? Should I be more freaked out then I am? Should I write that book I've always wanted to? Should I travel? Am I really that scared of having options?

This means that my posting/online ability will be limited to evenings when I have access to Gingers laptop (no more workie computer *sigh* thats about all I'll miss) And that I won't really have any extra funds to blow on Christmas like I normally enjoy doing. But other then that I will be alright financially.

I just feel like I am standing on the edge of something... but I'm not quite sure what "something" is...

current mood: weird

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Tuesday, December 7th, 2004
9:08 am - Its that time again...
What time you may ask? Time for noogies? Time to ackwardly drunken dial ex-boyfriends and beg for pity sex so you don't have to spend another holiday alone? Time for coffee? Time for the Jets to begin a downward spiral that cullmonate with me throwing beer at the TV and crying?
No sillies... It's time for Tina to post pictures and news items that prove perhaps the Christian right ain't so wrong and that armageddion is neigh... Enjoy.

You know that old saying about the blind leading the stupid? Frankly I think it would totally tastless to bring that saying up in the context of this article:

I do believe this is one of the seven signs people... Honestly what virgin blood did these guys bath in inorder to not have died years ago do to EXTREME drug abuse:

Somebody is soooo going to hell for this; and so am I, and all of you for laughing at it:

Hairless pussy; not always attractive my friends, let this be a lesson:

current mood: cynical

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Sunday, December 5th, 2004
10:31 am - No really I am just done...
So I am honestly just done... Not dealing with it anymore... in futher shittasticness that is my life... Solast night Ginger decides to go to a thing in the dorms and since I had to work I decided to relax and stay home... SO I have some wine take a bath and up up falling alseep reading... I wake up sorta arround 2:30ish when I here the front door open, I assume it was Ginger, oh how wrong i was... and I sorta fall back alseep... next thing I know the christmas tree is falling, things are breaking and some drunk guy is wandering about my apartment... Apparently Ginger didn't lock the door when she left and since I thought she was coming home I didn't check it before falling asleep... Yeah, cut to naked sleepy (but now wide awake)Tina trying to get this rather uncoopertive individual out of her apartment, then off of her, can't find my cell to call anyone (finially found it about 6:15 in my purse) then to his friends (from a party downstairs) coming in and trying to appologize/drag him out, me just finailly losing it and crying, not being able to reach Ginger or Ted (the only two numbers I have memorized) Not being able to wake up Wes (didn't think of going out side and ringing his phone at the time *stupid*) Not knowing where Ginger is, calling my parents collect at 5am sobbing that Chirstmas ornaments are broken and that my cat Simon got out of the apartment and how I had to spend 1 and a half looking for him and that Gingers laptop was knocked over and I thought it was broken, but it's not and I can't stop crying, cleaning up everything in the apartment (sweaping needles, and resetting up the tree, and coffee table, etc) Taking a hot shower and then going to the police station to file a report all before getting to work at 7am... I am fucking done people...


current mood: done, just done

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Saturday, December 4th, 2004
9:35 am - Yup, call me a part of the herd... *mooooo*
1) Reply to this post if you want/need me to tell you how cool you are!
2) Watch my journal over the next few days for a post just about you and why I think you rock.
3) Post these instructions in your journal and give your friends a much needed dose of love and adoration

*sigh* Sometimes it is difficult being a meme sheep....

current mood: embarrassed

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9:16 am - Killage and pillage bitches.....
GDMFSOB!!! Can we talk about how much it hurts my geek mocking soul that I am pissed off about a techie related problem??? Serious pain here people, serious serious pain. Baiscally I have been accidentally (and that is what I am going to refer to it as till I see the restraining order) banned from my other favorite blogging type community and if I don't get to talk to my virtual little friends soon I am going to sob wildly... there are you happy now, I admitted it, I am hooked on the technology...damn you damn you to hell...

Dr Asshat work realted update: So I went in to speak to someone in HR reguarding my sistuation with Dr "Spankenhiemer ass-face" and by someone I mean I managed to arrange a meeting with an ex-brit- twice divorced- current lesbian-man hatting-single mom of three (Oh it's not what you know, it's who baby!) On the excellent advice of a MOAT related pal (thanks Wysiwyg!) I put my Theatrical Undergrad degreee to work and did the whole "I am so sorry I lost my temper yesterday and I am a team player but I am afraid that if I don't speak up he will do this to to others and that don't seem right and dear poor me what ever can I do big pleading eyes tremblely lip" Thing, and lets just say that by the end I had her sitting next to me on the counch patting my arm and feeding me tea and cookies while promisng to looking "into it personally" and that "he won't get away with this shameful treatment of women" and that "men are pigs" etc... I shall be expecting a nod from the Acadamy for this one... when I am good, I am very good *satisfied smile*.

Last night went drove about with Ginger looking for a good spot to break things, we found one, and had a delightful time shattering various articles of crockery in a satisfingly destructive manner (hey some people go to therapy, I like to cause destruction... don't judge) I am sure Ginger (aka squirrel_queen ) will have pics up of the event soon as they make me look like a vengful tard and we all know how much Ginger enjoys sharing a good "tard pic of Tina" with you all... shut up, just shut up...

So yeah, thats the news with me... I am stuck working 7am to 3pm this weekend and then I get Monday off for good *snort* behavior.

have a great weekend.

current mood: annoyed

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Wednesday, December 1st, 2004
11:01 am - With a spoon; cause it will hurt more.....
Some of you may remember the story of "Dr. Since-you-won't-move-to-Africa-with-me-I'm-give-tapes-of-us-fucking-to-our-coworkers"....Yeah, well sadly the witchdoctor I paid was a lying asshole and the lions didn't evisorate him and he is back... I just saw him in the cafateria about 50 minutes ago... he came over like nothing was wrong and gave me a hug and started asking how I was doing.. I couldn't control myself, I had no words, Instead I calmly stood up, dumped my soda over his head, and left... I have to go talk to a counseler in Human Realtions in about an hour as apparetnly I have trouble controlling my impulses while at work.... I am shaking. Crap... I want to be home curled up in bed with my cat...NOW... Not good.

current mood: indescribable

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Tuesday, November 30th, 2004
7:44 am - "It's beiging to look a lot like Christmas..."
*Beats shit out of christmas song playing radio* Ah, sweet sweet silence.

*ahem* Anyway, I love going up to the mountians for the weekend. Had a great time being all domestic and family like, good times...

Last night reheated a feast of Thanksgiving leftovers (plus baked another pumpkin pie) for Ted and Ginger and we set up the christmas tree. Yup, *sigh* I have a christmas tree, it's about 7 feet and green and all foresty smelling... You should have seen me driving up here with it in my car (for those of you who aren't aware my car looks much like Wayne and Garths "Mirth Mobile"...yeah...)It was definatly a "sight" to see. Simon the cat has decided that the tree not only provides excellent cover for sneak ankle attackes but it is also apparently tasty... honestly he is eating the needles *is confused* Why does my cat have to be the strange one?

I have to go to a meeting on coorprate complience in 30 minutes... I can feel the fun from here.... no ... wait ... that was just a sneeze, nevermind.

current mood: devious

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Friday, November 26th, 2004
8:18 am - Face it; You threw up ON Dean Wormer...
I could get used to this whole not cooking on Thanksgiving thing... Wes and I went out to Vons for food and drinks and then caught a showing of what Wes is apparently dubbing "Alexander the Mediocere" (Dear sweet kittens and ponies its the end of the world! Wes made an LJ post, he's firebug79 so you can just read what he wrote if you want to ignore my trite rambling) I mean it in no way sucked as much as Troy. Cause, lets face it, Troy was monumental, carreer toothless whore suckage, and there I intend no offense to actual whores okay... seriously Troy: worest action movie EVER.... *ahem* sorry I lost myself for a bit there...

Anyway, back to "Alexander", Colin Ferrel was pretty; pretty hot, pretty dirty, pretty bloody, pretty psycotic, pretty homoerotic, pretty blond, pretty into boys, pretty motovated...you get the idea... Angelina Jolie as his mom Olympia freaking stole the movie... OMFG talk about a MILF!! She was more Maciavellian then Macavelli, more Sinister the Sin and just basically an evil sensual ball of wicked hottness (crap I don't even like girls andI got hot think about that *sighs*) Basically it's a good movie if you are the sort that likes to watch the History and Discovery Channels and if you know your Empire builder factoids, other wise you may feel like you are in a Greek History 320 class, and not in a good way.

So I am working till 2pm today and then I am off to see the family for the weekend. *desperatly trys to contain joy* Yeah, I should be back in Sea-town on Monday night (with a christmas tree, please don't ask...) so I will catch up online on Tuesday morning at work.

Hope you all had a safe and happy holiday and enjoy the weekend.

current mood: good

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Thursday, November 25th, 2004
8:10 am - Happy Turkey day, Bitches...
For the first time since I was 11 I was not awake at 5 am preparing a turkey... In a sick way I feel saddened by this. But, don't cry for me Argentina as I will be putting on Thanksgiving spectacular on Saturday for 9 at my parents house, so really, honestly, dry your little eyes and smile my friends, all will be well.

So since I am stuck at work today two of my favorite people ever (Ted and Wes) are in charge of thanksgiving dinner *snicker* needless to say we are going out to eat... I am actually looking foward to it, weird *shakes head*, and then we are going to catch a showing of "Alexander" cause really nothing says "thankfulness" quite like the world dominating antics of a partially sociopathic bisexual, anyway not in my book *grin*.

Had an interesting experience on Tuesday night after Ginger got her tattoo (*ahem* the hot tattoo artist nibbled my neck *blush*) ... Well I mean what do you call it when there are four guys playing RISK and three drunk women curled up on top of eachother on the couch watching p0rn??? Perhaps strange is a better word? *wonders*

OH and also I have an absolutly excellent story from the ER for all of you...
Once upon a time Tina was sitting at the admitting desk covering lunch breaks when in comes a middle aged, adverage type white male wearing sweat pants and a sweatshirt and sorta walking funny (never a good sign). After some hemming and hawing he arrives at the root (wait for the pun) of the matter; being that he is thinking about getting circumsized and was curious about how said procedure would affect the astetic value of his penis. So, logically, he decided to pull back his foreskin and use a rubberband to secure it in that manner for a few days inoder to better make an informed decision about the circumsizion process. (my expression can only be described as one of growing horror durning his explination of this) After some time, about three days, the discomfort became to great to endure and so he came to the ER seeking medical advice... Then taking in my speechless and stunned expression, he seeks to better help me understand his predickament (*snicker*) by fliping his dick out over the top of his sweats and saying "See it just looks wrong." (yes, Sir, yes it did...) A women behind him in line with her small child could be heard to exclaim "Oh my dear god" and a passing security guard may have utterd "Holy shit" while protectivly cradleing his own package... I honestly have not the words to adaquitly describe it too you. I mean it's not like I've seen as much dick as George Micheals pool boy, but I've seen some, and let me tell you NONE of them looked like this one... Okay I can see your deviant little minds want a visual; even as you cringe away from the moniter in horror, a twisted part of you is peeking to see what I will say ... alright, like a sorta greenish/brown hotdog with a really ripe plum on the end... There...and now you know...and knowing is half the battle...

I'm sorry.

Happy Thanksgiving. Bet that just made it eaiser to find something to be thankful for... you're welcome.

current mood: flirty

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Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004
7:57 am - What the FAWK????
*ahem* The radio at work is playing Christmas music, and it will be playing Christmas "muzack" for about the next 32 days... As I firmly believe that there are really only like maybe 20 actually holiday songs (and yet like 2 billion versions of them sung by everyone from Danny Kaye to the Backstreet Boys *twitch* you can see where I might go crazy can't ya?)

In other news, I am ill, that sorta upset stomach, headachey, too hot, cranky, pissy, bicthy, over all unwellness that seems to herald in the begining of winter... excellent *cough* bastards. Spent yesterday making sure that the couch stayed in one place and didn't try to run away.

Ginger gets her first tattoo tonight so I am most likly going to drag myself there cause I am a sucker for inking in general and this particular artist specifically... he's just pretty. *sighs* (oh and we are finially getting our dishwasher fixed *happy domestic dance*)

My co-worker made a pecan pie... perhaps the holidays aren't all bad *smiles*

current mood: lethargic

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Friday, November 19th, 2004
8:51 am - Golly Gee it's "Evaluation Day" here at work...
I'm so excited I could just shit.

Either this will go very well, or horribully wrong...

Much like a confused sailor in an actual massage palour, I have little hope of a happy ending.

*ahem* Ginger, I will see around 4:30ish so we can hit happy hour, k? Tina is going to need her medicine this evening... wanna catch a movie after?

Tina's Performance Eval
Bob Slydell: You see, what we're trying to do is get a feeling for how people spend their time at work so if you would, would you walk us through a typical day, for you?
Tina: Yeah.
Bob Slydell: Great.
Tina: Well, I generally come in at least fifteen minutes late, ah, I use the side door - that way Lumbergh can't see me, heh - after that I sorta space out for an hour.
Bob Porter: Da-uh? Space out?
Tina: Yeah, I just stare at my desk, but it looks like I'm working. I do that for probably another hour after lunch too, I'd say in a given week I probably only do about fifteen minutes of real, actual, work. I'm usually on the internet.

current mood: cynical

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Thursday, November 18th, 2004
9:22 am - "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood... won't you be my neighbor?"
*evil giggle* Now I got that sweater and sneaker wearing, Daniel the Lion puppet theme song in your head don't I? (futher poof of my unwellness, as if you needed that)

I imagine that some people spend week nights quietly at home, perhaps cooking dinner or watching a bit of television... But thats just not the case for Ginger and I:

Last night began with a delightfully delicious field trip to the tattoo place, where I must say the pretty inking mister was most friendly and intrigued by the banter twixt myself and Gingerkins (gave excellent hugs as well I may add)... had that whole turned on and confused at the same time thing happening; precious. Ginger got a dot (skin test for her ultra senstive white flesh you know), with more to follow this weekend and I am considering doing a celtic band style circle around an already existing tat... decisions, decisions, decisons.

Then it was off to the Grocery Store for Gorrila-style poultry photography, look to the illustrious squirrel_queen for actually visual/viseral? proof sometime in the near future... and then, as though channeling a Mongel Horde, we proceded to loot said Food King and return safly to our onclave with provisions in quantity to perhaps outlast Cher's farewell tour...

Today I am working alone and unsupervised at Ballard... Methinks the day is looking up.

EDIT: my boss is going to be bringing me cake from a b-day celebration they are having at the main office... anyone think it would be bad if I start refering to him as my "Cake Bitch"?

current mood: naughty

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Wednesday, November 17th, 2004
8:28 am - *pauses kicking stupid coworkers in skull inorder to post to you all*
Wow, verbous little fuckers aren't you? I'm off line for three days and you all post with the prolificness of horny rabbit on E... *shakes head*

Ummm, needless to say I do not have the time to read everything right now, as my co-workers have the mental aptitude of tofu today and the patients are most likly escaped from the nuthouse, so if there is anything mounmental I need to know about (or if you would like me to feign sympathy inorder to boost your giggle factor) please reply to this post with the necessary info.

In something to ponder news: So yesterday as I am drivig up I5 after five hours of dental fun I come upon an absolutly cherry late 60's mustang, blue faded paint job *quiver*, and as I pull up along side and glance over to express my appreciation of said vehicle I notice that in the passenger seat, wearing a seatbelt no less, is a pig, a large, pinkish Charlette's Web type porker, Needless to say I slowdown and remain alongside the car inoder to get a better look. It is then I notice the parrot pearched in the middle of the drivers and passengers seats. It is a large tropical type parrot... I am intrigued. The driver is a adverage looking middle age sort of guy, wearing leather driving gloves with the fingers cut off and large bushy side burns, but really no outstanding features, well, other then the pig and parrot and the mustang, of course... Perhaps this was one of the illusive members of the "Dead Parrot Society"? I do not know... I just thought this was something I should share with all of you.

You may now continue about your regularly scheduled day.

*resumes beating Republican-poster-child-co-worker about the head and shoulders like Ike beat Tina*

current mood: aggravated

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Saturday, November 13th, 2004
8:09 am - "Can I have 10,000 marbles please?"
Had an excellent evening. We (michele, ginele, ginger and i) went to a show at Neumos featuring "The Dresden Dolls" (with "Count Zero" opening, an all Beantown review) and ummmm, yeah... lets just say that my fetish for musically inclined men in eyeliner reared it's ugly (yet seductive) head. *shudder* Seriously between the bass player (the hottest man Ginger says she has ever seen) and the the lead singer (a sensual cross between early David Bowie and the boys in "The Velvet Goldmine, with a dash of the "Clockwork Orange" ruffians thrown in) of "Count Zero" And then the fan-fuckabully-tastic drummer of "The Dresden Dolls" ; It was a total writhing in rythum flesh filled musical fantasy from start to finish. One of the better live shows I've seen. *takes deep breath and shudders slightly* Yeah. Left with CDs, stickers, hugs, signatures, and enough dirty fantasys to fill the letter section of Penthouse for about two years (not that I know that there is a letters section in Penthouse or anything... I've just heard there is... shut up)

Today I am stuck at work till 3pm, sucks to be me... And then I am leading a "Get Ginger a Tattoo" Expedition through the wildes of Seattles inking establishments... After which we have a date with a Mechanical Bull and a party at a friends of Becky and Bens (the hot little married couple)house to attend.

Tomorrow I am driving to Hood River again and Monday is another doomy dental date *doomy doom doom doom doom* and then I am back in Seattle Tuesday night and to work Wednesday morning. Quivering in anticapation at the prospect? Just can't stand the excitement can you? I know... me neither.

Have a great weekend.

current mood: naughty

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Friday, November 12th, 2004
9:09 am - Daily Afirmatiom with Stewart Smally...
Click here to feel better about youself... http://www.scrolllock.nl/

So cute, couldn't you just vomit?

current mood: flirty

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7:49 am - You just haven't lived....
... Till you get to bend someone over a bar (literally) and, along with a married guy, smack thier ass 22 times to the delight of surrounding bar patrons... Happy Birthday again Ginger *evil wink* Yeah ummmm.... that is all I have to say about that.

Today is just going to be sucktastic at work and I am going to just put on my happy face (which aparently scares the crap out of my coworkers *grin*) and deal with the assholes as I imagine that I have mental powers able to force their eyeballs out of their sockets much like that scene in "Total Recall" on the surface of Mars... only with more screaming agony... yeah, like that. (no, I am so not vindictive and violent? Why do you ask?)

Tonight we are catching a, and I quote, "Punk Rock Caberet" at a club somewhere ( I don't get the info I am just along for the ride on this one) And then we are making Ginger go and drink more; cause it puts the booze in it's tummy cause it likes it... you know everyonce in a while I sorta creap myself out... just thought I'd share that.

I have another fun filled dental doom apointment scheduled for Monday so that means I will be driving back down to Hood River on Sunday afternoon. After seeing that VHfreaking1 has a show where there film you singing in you car I am a tad bit paranoid about the upcoming five hour drive... Yup, I am a total car dancing/singing fool when I am alone in the car (hell somethimes when not alone, so you can understand why the advent of this shwo strikes fear in my heart)

I have to work Saturday till 3pm and then I am going to go scouting for a Tattoo place with Ginger... she really wants to get one so I (as an already tattoed individual myself) am going along as moral *snicker, me moral* support... It would be wrong to have them tattoo like a huge American Eagle on her ass right? Just checking.

Oky, well I am going to go try and do as little as possible with the public today. *hip, hip, hora... oh go fuck off...*

current mood: predatory

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Thursday, November 11th, 2004
5:30 pm - Heee ha ha ha..
Ginger and I are watching "Iggby goes Down" which is truly a delightful movie...

Last night was a blast, FYI Ginger is a beligerant druck, exspecially in taxi cabs *grins*

Ginger did very well and didn't even throw up a tiny bit, I'm so proud...

Dude, Susan Suranden in this movie is so frighetningy my grandmother ...creapy. *twitches*

Ooohhh, okay I made a great chilli and we are going to eat now so I am done, Have a wonderful evening.

current mood: drunk

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Wednesday, November 10th, 2004
9:29 am - FINAILLY!!!
(aka, Ginger my fantabulous roommate and bestest buddie)

EDIT: *ahem* In honor of this occassion, I plan on wearing pigtails and a perhaps a school girl outfit for the evenings festivites... because I care that much.

EDIT PART DEUX: She's going to hate me around lunch time *evil giggle*

current mood: mischievous

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