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You just haven't lived....

... Till you get to bend someone over a bar (literally) and, along with a married guy, smack thier ass 22 times to the delight of surrounding bar patrons... Happy Birthday again Ginger *evil wink* Yeah ummmm.... that is all I have to say about that.

Today is just going to be sucktastic at work and I am going to just put on my happy face (which aparently scares the crap out of my coworkers *grin*) and deal with the assholes as I imagine that I have mental powers able to force their eyeballs out of their sockets much like that scene in "Total Recall" on the surface of Mars... only with more screaming agony... yeah, like that. (no, I am so not vindictive and violent? Why do you ask?)

Tonight we are catching a, and I quote, "Punk Rock Caberet" at a club somewhere ( I don't get the info I am just along for the ride on this one) And then we are making Ginger go and drink more; cause it puts the booze in it's tummy cause it likes it... you know everyonce in a while I sorta creap myself out... just thought I'd share that.

I have another fun filled dental doom apointment scheduled for Monday so that means I will be driving back down to Hood River on Sunday afternoon. After seeing that VHfreaking1 has a show where there film you singing in you car I am a tad bit paranoid about the upcoming five hour drive... Yup, I am a total car dancing/singing fool when I am alone in the car (hell somethimes when not alone, so you can understand why the advent of this shwo strikes fear in my heart)

I have to work Saturday till 3pm and then I am going to go scouting for a Tattoo place with Ginger... she really wants to get one so I (as an already tattoed individual myself) am going along as moral *snicker, me moral* support... It would be wrong to have them tattoo like a huge American Eagle on her ass right? Just checking.

Oky, well I am going to go try and do as little as possible with the public today. *hip, hip, hora... oh go fuck off...*
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