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"It's beiging to look a lot like Christmas..."

*Beats shit out of christmas song playing radio* Ah, sweet sweet silence.

*ahem* Anyway, I love going up to the mountians for the weekend. Had a great time being all domestic and family like, good times...

Last night reheated a feast of Thanksgiving leftovers (plus baked another pumpkin pie) for Ted and Ginger and we set up the christmas tree. Yup, *sigh* I have a christmas tree, it's about 7 feet and green and all foresty smelling... You should have seen me driving up here with it in my car (for those of you who aren't aware my car looks much like Wayne and Garths "Mirth Mobile"...yeah...)It was definatly a "sight" to see. Simon the cat has decided that the tree not only provides excellent cover for sneak ankle attackes but it is also apparently tasty... honestly he is eating the needles *is confused* Why does my cat have to be the strange one?

I have to go to a meeting on coorprate complience in 30 minutes... I can feel the fun from here.... no ... wait ... that was just a sneeze, nevermind.
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