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No really I am just done...

So I am honestly just done... Not dealing with it anymore... in futher shittasticness that is my life... Solast night Ginger decides to go to a thing in the dorms and since I had to work I decided to relax and stay home... SO I have some wine take a bath and up up falling alseep reading... I wake up sorta arround 2:30ish when I here the front door open, I assume it was Ginger, oh how wrong i was... and I sorta fall back alseep... next thing I know the christmas tree is falling, things are breaking and some drunk guy is wandering about my apartment... Apparently Ginger didn't lock the door when she left and since I thought she was coming home I didn't check it before falling asleep... Yeah, cut to naked sleepy (but now wide awake)Tina trying to get this rather uncoopertive individual out of her apartment, then off of her, can't find my cell to call anyone (finially found it about 6:15 in my purse) then to his friends (from a party downstairs) coming in and trying to appologize/drag him out, me just finailly losing it and crying, not being able to reach Ginger or Ted (the only two numbers I have memorized) Not being able to wake up Wes (didn't think of going out side and ringing his phone at the time *stupid*) Not knowing where Ginger is, calling my parents collect at 5am sobbing that Chirstmas ornaments are broken and that my cat Simon got out of the apartment and how I had to spend 1 and a half looking for him and that Gingers laptop was knocked over and I thought it was broken, but it's not and I can't stop crying, cleaning up everything in the apartment (sweaping needles, and resetting up the tree, and coffee table, etc) Taking a hot shower and then going to the police station to file a report all before getting to work at 7am... I am fucking done people...

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