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*knock knock* Is this thing on?

So I'm alive... Sorry I dropped off the face of the earth but between my uncles unexpected sickness and death, the funeral in New Jersey, dealing with family, holidays, and being unemployed I haven't exactly had time to find a computer and play for a bit. I apologize.
Spent most of December with the family (never under estimate the staggering drawing power of the Garden State) settling my uncles affairs and just sort of pondering what in the sweet holy hell I was going to do with my life... Got back to Seattle and I am currently enrolling in Nursing School. *wheeee* I am going to now get paid better for all the shit I had to deal with at my last job. Basically since I am still on unemployment the state/federal government is going to pay (entirerly, the whole thing, no really...) for me to go to Nursing School... Geee, and I used to wonder why we had a national debt, oh well... So yeah, I am still in Seattle and I will start classes in the Spring (first weeek of April I believe) at Seattle Central Community collage's nursing program. I am also working as a caregiver for Ginger's Mom, so that is paying the bills and keeping me from going more crazy then I normally am... Updates will be sporadic at best and the best way to reach me is by far the cell phone but I will be making an effort to get online and keep in tune with goings on untill such time as I have my own computer at home... no really I promise I am gong to try... damnit... Hope this finds you all healthy and as happy as can be... *cuddle, snuggle, furtive ass smack* I missed you. *wink*
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