Miss Kitty (pisceskat) wrote,
Miss Kitty

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Heee ha ha ha..

Ginger and I are watching "Iggby goes Down" which is truly a delightful movie...

Last night was a blast, FYI Ginger is a beligerant druck, exspecially in taxi cabs *grins*

Ginger did very well and didn't even throw up a tiny bit, I'm so proud...

Dude, Susan Suranden in this movie is so frighetningy my grandmother ...creapy. *twitches*

Ooohhh, okay I made a great chilli and we are going to eat now so I am done, Have a wonderful evening.
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Is that drunk, or still drunk?
Oha, and I just have to use this icon. So there.
Gee what do you think? *le sigh*
Yeah yeah yeah..laugh it up... And now you see what happens when my drunk ass has a computer handy. *sighs*
Or spellchecker!

I've since stopped my updating when drunk. It's really, very scary.
*MAKES MENTAL NOTE* Yeah, I think I should try that myself... *hangs head in shame*