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"Can I have 10,000 marbles please?"

Had an excellent evening. We (michele, ginele, ginger and i) went to a show at Neumos featuring "The Dresden Dolls" (with "Count Zero" opening, an all Beantown review) and ummmm, yeah... lets just say that my fetish for musically inclined men in eyeliner reared it's ugly (yet seductive) head. *shudder* Seriously between the bass player (the hottest man Ginger says she has ever seen) and the the lead singer (a sensual cross between early David Bowie and the boys in "The Velvet Goldmine, with a dash of the "Clockwork Orange" ruffians thrown in) of "Count Zero" And then the fan-fuckabully-tastic drummer of "The Dresden Dolls" ; It was a total writhing in rythum flesh filled musical fantasy from start to finish. One of the better live shows I've seen. *takes deep breath and shudders slightly* Yeah. Left with CDs, stickers, hugs, signatures, and enough dirty fantasys to fill the letter section of Penthouse for about two years (not that I know that there is a letters section in Penthouse or anything... I've just heard there is... shut up)

Today I am stuck at work till 3pm, sucks to be me... And then I am leading a "Get Ginger a Tattoo" Expedition through the wildes of Seattles inking establishments... After which we have a date with a Mechanical Bull and a party at a friends of Becky and Bens (the hot little married couple)house to attend.

Tomorrow I am driving to Hood River again and Monday is another doomy dental date *doomy doom doom doom doom* and then I am back in Seattle Tuesday night and to work Wednesday morning. Quivering in anticapation at the prospect? Just can't stand the excitement can you? I know... me neither.

Have a great weekend.
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