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*pauses kicking stupid coworkers in skull inorder to post to you all*

Wow, verbous little fuckers aren't you? I'm off line for three days and you all post with the prolificness of horny rabbit on E... *shakes head*

Ummm, needless to say I do not have the time to read everything right now, as my co-workers have the mental aptitude of tofu today and the patients are most likly escaped from the nuthouse, so if there is anything mounmental I need to know about (or if you would like me to feign sympathy inorder to boost your giggle factor) please reply to this post with the necessary info.

In something to ponder news: So yesterday as I am drivig up I5 after five hours of dental fun I come upon an absolutly cherry late 60's mustang, blue faded paint job *quiver*, and as I pull up along side and glance over to express my appreciation of said vehicle I notice that in the passenger seat, wearing a seatbelt no less, is a pig, a large, pinkish Charlette's Web type porker, Needless to say I slowdown and remain alongside the car inoder to get a better look. It is then I notice the parrot pearched in the middle of the drivers and passengers seats. It is a large tropical type parrot... I am intrigued. The driver is a adverage looking middle age sort of guy, wearing leather driving gloves with the fingers cut off and large bushy side burns, but really no outstanding features, well, other then the pig and parrot and the mustang, of course... Perhaps this was one of the illusive members of the "Dead Parrot Society"? I do not know... I just thought this was something I should share with all of you.

You may now continue about your regularly scheduled day.

*resumes beating Republican-poster-child-co-worker about the head and shoulders like Ike beat Tina*
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