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"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood... won't you be my neighbor?"

*evil giggle* Now I got that sweater and sneaker wearing, Daniel the Lion puppet theme song in your head don't I? (futher poof of my unwellness, as if you needed that)

I imagine that some people spend week nights quietly at home, perhaps cooking dinner or watching a bit of television... But thats just not the case for Ginger and I:

Last night began with a delightfully delicious field trip to the tattoo place, where I must say the pretty inking mister was most friendly and intrigued by the banter twixt myself and Gingerkins (gave excellent hugs as well I may add)... had that whole turned on and confused at the same time thing happening; precious. Ginger got a dot (skin test for her ultra senstive white flesh you know), with more to follow this weekend and I am considering doing a celtic band style circle around an already existing tat... decisions, decisions, decisons.

Then it was off to the Grocery Store for Gorrila-style poultry photography, look to the illustrious squirrel_queen for actually visual/viseral? proof sometime in the near future... and then, as though channeling a Mongel Horde, we proceded to loot said Food King and return safly to our onclave with provisions in quantity to perhaps outlast Cher's farewell tour...

Today I am working alone and unsupervised at Ballard... Methinks the day is looking up.

EDIT: my boss is going to be bringing me cake from a b-day celebration they are having at the main office... anyone think it would be bad if I start refering to him as my "Cake Bitch"?
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i'm sooo excited about tattooness. it actually woke me up this morning.

hey! i want credit for the cake bich line! one of the few times i actually say something clever, i want people to know it was me!

who's Daniel the Lion? that's the theme song for "Mr. Roger's Neigborhood" ?

Cake Bitch was all you kitten *gives credit*

Daniel the Lion was the little hand puppet that lived by the castle when Mr Rodger took the train to the make believe kingdom...duh!
dude. never actually paid attention to that show... plus my complete inability to remember names. that was just the show i wached when Jem and He-Man weren't on.
In "that kinda blows" news... Mr Rodgers died on my birthday last year.... I guess you really never can go back, can you?
he he. oh, was that me, laughing at the wrong time again? oops.

go check my post again. i at least made the pictures work.