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"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood... won't you be my neighbor?"

*evil giggle* Now I got that sweater and sneaker wearing, Daniel the Lion puppet theme song in your head don't I? (futher poof of my unwellness, as if you needed that)

I imagine that some people spend week nights quietly at home, perhaps cooking dinner or watching a bit of television... But thats just not the case for Ginger and I:

Last night began with a delightfully delicious field trip to the tattoo place, where I must say the pretty inking mister was most friendly and intrigued by the banter twixt myself and Gingerkins (gave excellent hugs as well I may add)... had that whole turned on and confused at the same time thing happening; precious. Ginger got a dot (skin test for her ultra senstive white flesh you know), with more to follow this weekend and I am considering doing a celtic band style circle around an already existing tat... decisions, decisions, decisons.

Then it was off to the Grocery Store for Gorrila-style poultry photography, look to the illustrious squirrel_queen for actually visual/viseral? proof sometime in the near future... and then, as though channeling a Mongel Horde, we proceded to loot said Food King and return safly to our onclave with provisions in quantity to perhaps outlast Cher's farewell tour...

Today I am working alone and unsupervised at Ballard... Methinks the day is looking up.

EDIT: my boss is going to be bringing me cake from a b-day celebration they are having at the main office... anyone think it would be bad if I start refering to him as my "Cake Bitch"?
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