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What the FAWK????

*ahem* The radio at work is playing Christmas music, and it will be playing Christmas "muzack" for about the next 32 days... As I firmly believe that there are really only like maybe 20 actually holiday songs (and yet like 2 billion versions of them sung by everyone from Danny Kaye to the Backstreet Boys *twitch* you can see where I might go crazy can't ya?)

In other news, I am ill, that sorta upset stomach, headachey, too hot, cranky, pissy, bicthy, over all unwellness that seems to herald in the begining of winter... excellent *cough* bastards. Spent yesterday making sure that the couch stayed in one place and didn't try to run away.

Ginger gets her first tattoo tonight so I am most likly going to drag myself there cause I am a sucker for inking in general and this particular artist specifically... he's just pretty. *sighs* (oh and we are finially getting our dishwasher fixed *happy domestic dance*)

My co-worker made a pecan pie... perhaps the holidays aren't all bad *smiles*
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