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Happy Turkey day, Bitches...

For the first time since I was 11 I was not awake at 5 am preparing a turkey... In a sick way I feel saddened by this. But, don't cry for me Argentina as I will be putting on Thanksgiving spectacular on Saturday for 9 at my parents house, so really, honestly, dry your little eyes and smile my friends, all will be well.

So since I am stuck at work today two of my favorite people ever (Ted and Wes) are in charge of thanksgiving dinner *snicker* needless to say we are going out to eat... I am actually looking foward to it, weird *shakes head*, and then we are going to catch a showing of "Alexander" cause really nothing says "thankfulness" quite like the world dominating antics of a partially sociopathic bisexual, anyway not in my book *grin*.

Had an interesting experience on Tuesday night after Ginger got her tattoo (*ahem* the hot tattoo artist nibbled my neck *blush*) ... Well I mean what do you call it when there are four guys playing RISK and three drunk women curled up on top of eachother on the couch watching p0rn??? Perhaps strange is a better word? *wonders*

OH and also I have an absolutly excellent story from the ER for all of you...
Once upon a time Tina was sitting at the admitting desk covering lunch breaks when in comes a middle aged, adverage type white male wearing sweat pants and a sweatshirt and sorta walking funny (never a good sign). After some hemming and hawing he arrives at the root (wait for the pun) of the matter; being that he is thinking about getting circumsized and was curious about how said procedure would affect the astetic value of his penis. So, logically, he decided to pull back his foreskin and use a rubberband to secure it in that manner for a few days inoder to better make an informed decision about the circumsizion process. (my expression can only be described as one of growing horror durning his explination of this) After some time, about three days, the discomfort became to great to endure and so he came to the ER seeking medical advice... Then taking in my speechless and stunned expression, he seeks to better help me understand his predickament (*snicker*) by fliping his dick out over the top of his sweats and saying "See it just looks wrong." (yes, Sir, yes it did...) A women behind him in line with her small child could be heard to exclaim "Oh my dear god" and a passing security guard may have utterd "Holy shit" while protectivly cradleing his own package... I honestly have not the words to adaquitly describe it too you. I mean it's not like I've seen as much dick as George Micheals pool boy, but I've seen some, and let me tell you NONE of them looked like this one... Okay I can see your deviant little minds want a visual; even as you cringe away from the moniter in horror, a twisted part of you is peeking to see what I will say ... alright, like a sorta greenish/brown hotdog with a really ripe plum on the end... There...and now you know...and knowing is half the battle...

I'm sorry.

Happy Thanksgiving. Bet that just made it eaiser to find something to be thankful for... you're welcome.
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