Miss Kitty (pisceskat) wrote,
Miss Kitty

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With a spoon; cause it will hurt more.....

Some of you may remember the story of "Dr. Since-you-won't-move-to-Africa-with-me-I'm-give-tapes-of-us-fucking-to-our-coworkers"....Yeah, well sadly the witchdoctor I paid was a lying asshole and the lions didn't evisorate him and he is back... I just saw him in the cafateria about 50 minutes ago... he came over like nothing was wrong and gave me a hug and started asking how I was doing.. I couldn't control myself, I had no words, Instead I calmly stood up, dumped my soda over his head, and left... I have to go talk to a counseler in Human Realtions in about an hour as apparetnly I have trouble controlling my impulses while at work.... I am shaking. Crap... I want to be home curled up in bed with my cat...NOW... Not good.
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