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Killage and pillage bitches.....

GDMFSOB!!! Can we talk about how much it hurts my geek mocking soul that I am pissed off about a techie related problem??? Serious pain here people, serious serious pain. Baiscally I have been accidentally (and that is what I am going to refer to it as till I see the restraining order) banned from my other favorite blogging type community and if I don't get to talk to my virtual little friends soon I am going to sob wildly... there are you happy now, I admitted it, I am hooked on the technology...damn you damn you to hell...

Dr Asshat work realted update: So I went in to speak to someone in HR reguarding my sistuation with Dr "Spankenhiemer ass-face" and by someone I mean I managed to arrange a meeting with an ex-brit- twice divorced- current lesbian-man hatting-single mom of three (Oh it's not what you know, it's who baby!) On the excellent advice of a MOAT related pal (thanks Wysiwyg!) I put my Theatrical Undergrad degreee to work and did the whole "I am so sorry I lost my temper yesterday and I am a team player but I am afraid that if I don't speak up he will do this to to others and that don't seem right and dear poor me what ever can I do big pleading eyes tremblely lip" Thing, and lets just say that by the end I had her sitting next to me on the counch patting my arm and feeding me tea and cookies while promisng to looking "into it personally" and that "he won't get away with this shameful treatment of women" and that "men are pigs" etc... I shall be expecting a nod from the Acadamy for this one... when I am good, I am very good *satisfied smile*.

Last night went drove about with Ginger looking for a good spot to break things, we found one, and had a delightful time shattering various articles of crockery in a satisfingly destructive manner (hey some people go to therapy, I like to cause destruction... don't judge) I am sure Ginger (aka squirrel_queen ) will have pics up of the event soon as they make me look like a vengful tard and we all know how much Ginger enjoys sharing a good "tard pic of Tina" with you all... shut up, just shut up...

So yeah, thats the news with me... I am stuck working 7am to 3pm this weekend and then I get Monday off for good *snort* behavior.

have a great weekend.
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