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Its that time again...

What time you may ask? Time for noogies? Time to ackwardly drunken dial ex-boyfriends and beg for pity sex so you don't have to spend another holiday alone? Time for coffee? Time for the Jets to begin a downward spiral that cullmonate with me throwing beer at the TV and crying?
No sillies... It's time for Tina to post pictures and news items that prove perhaps the Christian right ain't so wrong and that armageddion is neigh... Enjoy.

You know that old saying about the blind leading the stupid? Frankly I think it would totally tastless to bring that saying up in the context of this article:

I do believe this is one of the seven signs people... Honestly what virgin blood did these guys bath in inorder to not have died years ago do to EXTREME drug abuse:

Somebody is soooo going to hell for this; and so am I, and all of you for laughing at it:

Hairless pussy; not always attractive my friends, let this be a lesson:
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